MTAC offers a range of different Diploma and Certificate programmes. These are instrumental in the industry and other economic sectors in improving management practices and, more critically, assisting Ugandans become entrepreneurs and job creators. The Diploma and Certificate Programmes offered at MTAC are listed below in the categories of Business and Management and ICT Programmes.

Business and Management Programmes

S/NO.ProgrammeDiplomaNational Certificate
1. Accounting and Finance Shs. 399,000 Shs. 349,000
2. Customs Clearing Forwarding and Shipping Management Shs. 399,000 Shs. 349,000
3. Entrepreneurship and Business Management Shs. 399,000 N/A
4. Business Administration N/A Shs. 349,000
5. Human Resource Management Shs. 399,000 N/A
6. Public Administration and Management Shs. 399,000 Shs. 349,000
7. Procurement and Logistics Management Shs. 399,000 N/A
8. Records Keeping and Information Management Shs. 399,000 Shs. 349,000
9. Social Work and Social Administration Shs. 399,000 Shs. 349,000
10. Secretarial and Office Administration Shs. 399,000 N/A

ICT - Related Programmes

1. Computer Engineering Shs. 449,000 N/A
2. Computer Science Shs. 449,000 N/A
3. Computing and Information Systems Shs. 449,000 N/A
4. Business Computing Shs. 449,000 N/A
5. Information and Communications Technology N/A Shs. 399,000

Vocational Courses (Certificate)

S/NO.Programme6 months Modular Certificate1 Year Level one Certificate
1. Hairdressing and Cosmetology works Shs. 450,000 Shs. 500,000
2. Bakery and Cookery Shs. 450,000 Shs. 500,000
3. Carpentry and Woodwork Shs. 450,000 Shs. 500,000
4. Shoemaking and Leather Tanning Shs. 450,000 Shs. 500,000
5. Tailoring, Fashion and Design Shs. 450,000 Shs. 500,000
6. Graphic Communication & Digital Design Shs. 450,000 Shs. 500,000

Programme Duration:

DIPLOMA PROGRAMS: 2 years divided into 4 semesters

CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS: 2 years divided into 2 semesters

Minimum Entry Requirements:

DIPLOMA PROGRAMS: At least one (1) principal pass and two (2) subsidiary passes at 'A' Level , attained at the same sitting.

CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS: At least 3 passes at 'O' Level, attained at the same sitting.

Annual Intakes

AugustAfternoon (Certificate)
Evening (Diploma), Weekend(Certificate and Diploma)